Sunday, 1 September 2013

Scuba Diving UK

The way that many people learn to scuba dive here in the UK may be different to the way that many people learn elsewhere in the world. Whilst there are the ‘resort course’ people who learn intensively whilst on holiday at a foreign destination and dive stores who offer a range of courses such as PADI and other organisations, many people learn to scuba dive in the UK through a club environment. Whilst both of the other methods are perfectly legitimate ways to learn to dive, I’d like to tell you a little more about learning with a club as it is probably not something that you’re overly familiar with.

The club will usually have a swimming pool session one evening a week and there is also a social meeting or gathering in that other great British institution, the pub, on a weekly basis too. Whilst the members all pay a course fee in to the club, there generally tends to be a try dive option for those wanting to experience scuba diving for the first time.Most clubs provide all the required equipment as part of your course.

Scuba diving in the UK can be a rewarding experience. The clubs provide a wealth of information on coastal and inland UK dive sites. Allot of this information and guidance is mostly available without huge cost.
Furthermore, with modern communication methods like the Internet, message boards and blogs there is no shortage of information or guidance ‘out there’.

The British are of course a sea-fairing nation, so there is also no shortage of nautical advice available for divers, however the tides around the UK are notorious and many dives in the seas around our island need careful planning.

Perhaps the first piece of planning, especially for those that experience their diving in more tropical climates, is dealing with the cold. The waters around Britain, even in the height of a warm Summer, rarely exceed the low 60s Degrees and a drysuit is pretty much essential all the year around.

By learning from a qualified PADI instructor in the UK you will automatically do your drysuite orientation as part of your open water course something not generally done in foreign dive centres.

Tidal movement at some coastal dive sites can also be quite fierce, local knowledge and that of instructors plus fellow club members is essential. 

Generally learning to dive in the UK is a much better way to gain the right skills and disciplines all Scuba divers need to enjoy diving and to be safe.5* padi instructors offer the best courses all over the UK. 

From the highlands to landsend you will find a PADI instructor near you. Even if you live abroad and fancy training in the UK ,training courses come complete with accommodation where available.   

Scuba diving allows an all too brief observation and entry in to an alien world that is often so close to our very doorsteps. It also provides excellent exercise opportunities and is a great way of getting fitter. I also hope this blog has given you some idea of the advantages of learning to scuba dive in the UK of. Diving in the UK can be a great experience both above and below the waves.